Subaru Impreza WRC



Flat 4-cylinder boxer

  • Capacity 1994cc
  • Bore 92.0mm
  • Stroke 75.0mm
  • Power 300bhp @ 5000rpm
  • Torque 590Nm @ 3500rpm


Turbo charger: IHI – with WRC regulation 34mm restrictor

Spark plugs: NGK

ECU: Prodrive / GEMS programmable electronic engine management system

Data systems: 3 microprocessor controllers – engine, transmission and data-logging, joined by CAN-bus link

Exhaust system: Ceramic coated, single or double silencer assemblies with two motorsport catalytic converters

Fuel system: 90 litre FIA approved safety tank


  • Gear box Prodrive 6-speed automated sequential
  • Front diff Prodrive Electro-hydraulically controlled
  • Centre diff Prodrive Electro-hydraulically controlled
  • Rear diff Prodrive Electro-hydraulically controlled


Clutch: Alcon, carbon twin plate


  • Front Prodrive EXE-TC Macpherson struts, adjustable
  • Rear Prodrive EXE-TC Macpherson struts, adjustable, with longitudinal and transverse links



  • Tarmac Front Rear
  • Prodrive Alcon Six piston Four piston
  • Discs 366 mm 305 mm
  • Gravel Front Rear
  • Prodrive Alcon Six piston Four piston
  • Discs 365 mm 305 mm
  • Steering: Power assisted rack and pinion, pressurised system



  • Tarmac 8” x 18”
  • Gravel 7” x 15”
  • Snow 6” x 16”


Minimum car weight: 1.230 kgs